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John Keen

Philanthropist, Maverick, Consumer Advocate

John Keen has been a leading figure in the Porsche and Audi automotive industry. Mr. Keen has held a number of board positions with industry associations, including serving as President of the Independent Auto Repairers Association (IARA), a Director of the Collision Industry Standards Council (CISCO) and a founding member of the Automobile Repair Regulatory Council (ARRC).
For the past 20 years, Mr. Keen has been a tireless advocate for consumer choice and safety, calling for regulatory changes that would allow car owners to pick the auto body repair shops they feel best fits their needs after a collision. Mr. Keen’s efforts in this regard have put him in positions to advise government on legislation, and serve as an industry expert for the media.
In addition to his professional work, Mr. Keen has been a community leader, championing and supporting causes that help youth, celebrate the heritage and culture of Toronto’s black community, and provide opportunities for police and young people build meaningful, positive relationships.


“I want to thank Mr. Keen for the contributions he’s made to building stronger, safer and better communities. Mr. Keen is a leader, a role model and an inspiration, and his actions have had a lasting and positive impact on those around him and on the community he serves.”

Hon. Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario

“Take pride in knowing that Mr. Keen is an inspiration to the Black community—and to the people of this province. I believe that it takes many hands to build strong and safe communities, and Mr. Keen is a vital part of that important process. I commend him for his dedication to helping members of the community realize their full potential.”

Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Former Premier of Ontario

“I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings and congratulations to Mr. Keen as he is honored by the Toronto Police Service for his ongoing support of the 13 Division Youth Outreach Program…. Over the years, Mr. Keen has dedicated his time and energy to making a difference in the community in which he lives. He can take pride in knowing that his efforts are helping our youth realize their full potential and, in turn, building a better Canada for us all.”

Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

“…Mr. Keen has demonstrated his tremendous community spirit and caring nature. Indeed, by helping many projects dealing with “High Risk Youths”—financially or otherwise—he has shown great generosity and kindness. Let me say, without any hesitations, that we are all proud of his accomplishments.”

Hon. Paul Martin, Former Prime Minister of Canada

“Mr. Keen, you have recognized the importance of this invaluable program. By reaching out with your generous contribution, you are helping countless youth achieve their full potential and make their dreams a reality. Take pride in knowing you are making a difference. Please accept my personal best wishes for much continued success.”

Hon. Dalton McGuinty, Former Premier of Ontario


Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau,
Prime Minister of Canada


Hon. Dalton McGuinty,
Former Premier of Ontario


Mark Saunders
Chief of Police


Peter Sloly
Chief of Police




Anyone else think that car insurers should do the right thing and reduce your premiums immediately given that no one is really driving right now? A rebate would be most welcome to many who are suffering financially.... @OntarioTLA @InsuranceBureau @AvivaCanada @IntactInsurance

Covid-19 symptom 's at 427 Auto Collision Customers complain they were referred by @torontoporsche Do the right thing @PorscheCanada

Thank you, Bernie for bringing up the billionaires!!! Bring down the rich people funding our legislator & talk about campaign finances & call out super pacs! #DemDebate

@JohnKarapita Legislators should be outraged, not powerless @GurratanSingh @AndreaHorwath

'Cuz insurers just don't care and they know this government lives in fear of them else could they possibly get an 11% increase in premiums?

Already weak oversight just got worse...

Good thread. EVERYONE should want a cleaned up 3rd party medical report system.

"vulnerable car crash victims are the captive subjects of medical assessments performed by the insurers’ “preferred vendors” of IMEs"

Use your voice


OTLA is responding to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) consultation on Third Party Reports and Medical Expert: Reports and Testimony polices. Some of recommendations are included below in this thread and we will be sharing more in the coming days. (1/5)

Rutgers expert: Bad-faith laws help policyholders, study for N.J. ‘unreliable’

Another important decision wherein a judge castigates Aviva and insurers like them for abandoning their social responsibility in sole pursuit of their shareholders’ interests.
#Aviva #socialresponsibity #accesstojustice #blogpost #bridgepointfinancial

Intact dictate aftermarket parts for collision repair. @IntactInsurance why don't you warn consumers @CTVW5 @cbcmarketplace @cbcmarketplace

@ellenroseman NOwhere in sight!

#Ont apparently expects the courts will continue to be 'quality control' as it is for auto insurance.

Unfortunately for taxpayers an expensive proposition @douglasdowney @fordnation @OntarioTLA

"The cost of doing nothing isn't nothing" (Elijah Cummings)

@Bafflegab1 @JohnKarapita @kurkles @RodPhillips01 @StanChoMPP @fordnation Ensuring nothing changes when it comes to auto unless it favors the insurers....

Find the list of 'acceptable' stakeholders here: + don't hold your breath that any consumer issues will be taken seriously b/c this is reads like self-regulation all the way

.@AndrewYang: "We've set up a system of capitalism that's very, very good at maximizing the bottom line for big companies, but now that bottom line doesn't match up to the lived experience of most Americans."

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